6744 South King's Highway

Alexandria VA 22306

Main: 703.419.5621​ Alt: 703.991.9271

6744 South King's Highway, Alexandria, VA  22306


Phone:     703.419.5621

Phone:     703.991.9271

E-mail:     T2DCenter@gmail.com

The Truth Deliverance Center (T2DC)

Multicultural  Virtual/Online Church

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The Truth Deliverance Center Non-Denominational Multicultural Virtual/Online Church © 2016 (T2DC)

How to Find T2DC

Directions to The Truth Deliverance Center (T2DC)

1.  Keep right to take I-95 S/I-495 S/Capital Beltway South (Passing through District of Columbia, then crossing into Virginia). Then 4.00 miles 16.83 total miles

2.  Merge onto US-1 S/Richmond Hwy via EXIT 177A toward Ft Belvoir.
Then 1.90 miles 18.73 total miles

3. Turn right onto N Kings Hwy at the light after you pass Office Depot on the right.

Emerge dialoguely on to South Kings Hwy

Then 1.43 miles 20.16 total miles

4.  6744 South Kings Highway, Alexandria, VA 22306 is on the right.
Your destination is St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.