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We are a church family that believes in the Power of Prayer.  Also,
we believe the more one prays the Word of God the more powerful they will become. It is our position that prayer is an essential communication tool for all believers to intimately dialogue with God
​from the spiritual level of their relationship with Him.  Moreover, intercessory prayer is simply talking to God on behalf of someone else.

T2DC’s Virtual Live Online Digital Weekly Intercessory Prayer is every
Tuesday evening from ​7:00 PM to 8:00 PM for more information please contact us at 703) 419-5621.  Please invite your friends and family members to join in with us ​in prayer. Everyone is welcome to participate!  

 6744 South King's Highway

Alexandria VA 22306

Main: 703.419.5621​ Alt: 703.991.9271

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