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T2DC’s has a global mission to unifying The Body of Christ through Intercessory Prayer, Biblical Teachings, and Fellowship for the believer and unbeliever by providing the following strategies:

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​​​The Truth Deliverance Center ‘s (T2DC) Mission:​​

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a.  Teaching different Prayer Techniques
b.  Providing Biblical Procedures to assist with spiritual and natural crisis management
c.  Fostering healthy, spiritual and natural identity
d.  Promoting continuous spiritual education and development
e.  Teaching sound Biblical Principles within Biblical Contextual Meanings
f.   Providing spiritual techniques to implementing scripture into daily living
g.  Utilizing Biblical Principles in teaching spiritual warfare principles to advance the Kingdom
h.  Cultivating the spiritual gifts in a warm, loving, and safe environment

All of these strategies above are implemented to catapulting the five-fold ministry.
In addition, we have been given a mandate ​by God to “Preach The Unpreached Word of God”
to equip the believer with knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and revelation from a comprehensive Biblical perspective to ensure that The Body of Christ is operating in
​maximum capacity and capability while advance ​the Kingdom of God.

The Truth Deliverance Center (T2DC)